Course Schedule

Using this schedule

All the readings, responses, and assignments listed on the schedule should be completed before class on the day they are listed. For example, by class time on the Monday, 1/13, you should have read all the texts listed under Read and submitted the introductory reflection.

Click on a class day to see all of the readings and assignments for that day. Follow the links to the readings and assignments, and click on the buttons for descriptions of the different tasks and advice for how to approach them.

Week 1
Read Andrew Elfenbein, "That's Entertainment?"
Tommy Orange, There There, 1-78
Turn in Introductory reflection
Read Jonathan Rose, "Student Power"
Irina Dumitrescu, "Reading Lessons"
There There, 79-133
Read There There, 134-196
Week 2
Read Donna Harrington-Lueker, "On Summer Books and Summer Reading" and "Changing Times, Persistent Practices"
There There, 261-290
Week 3
Read "Digging Deeper"
Jesamyn Ward, Sing, Unburied, Sing, 1-57
Read Sing, Unburied, Sing, 59-131
Week 4
Read Elizabeth Long, "Conversing With Books"
Sing, Unburied, Sing, 133-217
Read Sing, Unburied, Sing, 219-285
Week 5
Read Kathleen Rooney, "The Stories of Oprah"
Elisabeth Donnelly, "Celebrity Book Clubs Are Actually Selling Books"
Toni Morrison, Sula, 3-29
Week 6
Read Gregory Castle, "New Criticism"
Sula, 67-137
Read Castle, "Reader-Response Theory"
Sula, 138-162
Read Sula, 163-174 and Foreword
Turn in Mid-semester reflection
Last day to turn in Close Reading 1
Week 7
Read Laila Lalami, The Other Americans, 1-101
Read Rick Rylance, "The Power of Empathy"
The Other Americans, 102-131
Read The Other Americans, 132-175
Week 8
Read Suzanne Keen, "Readers' Empathy"
The Other Americans, 176-211
Read Lisa Zunshine, "Attributing Minds"
The Other Americans, 212-259
Read The Other Americans, 260-301
Week 9
Read Joan Shelley Rubin, "Self, Culture, and Self-Culture in America"
Susan Choi, Trust Exercise, 1-84
Turn in Final project proposal due
Read Castle, "Narrative Theory/Narratology"
Trust Exercise, 85-131
Read Trust Exercise, 132-162
Week 10
Read Castle, "Theory of the Novel"
Trust Exercise, 162-201
Turn in Last day to turn in close readings for comments
Read Laura McGrath, "Comping White"
Trust Exercise, 201-234
Read Trust Exercise, 235-257
Week 11
Read Lacy M. Johnson, "On Likability"
Madeline ffitch, Stay and Fight, 1-73
Read Stay and Fight, 77-130
Week 12
Read Stay and Fight, 130-208
Read Stay and Fight, 208-256
Turn in Final reflection
Read Stay and Fight, 256-289
Turn in Last day to turn in close readings for a grade
Last day to submit digital reading posts